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Registering with the Disability Support Service

We would strongly advise students who need supports for lectures and exams to register with the Disability Support Service (DSS) as early in the academic year as possible.

Who can register?

Students with the following learning differences/health conditions/ disabilities can register with the DSS:

  • Asperger's Syndrome/Autism,
  • Blind/Vision impaired/Sight loss
  • Deaf/Hard of hearing/Hearing loss
  • Dyspraxia/Development Co-ordination Disorder (DCD).
  • Mental Health Condition,
  • Neurological Condition,
  • Physical Disability,
  • Significant Ongoing Illness,
  • Speech and Language difficulty,
  • Specific Learning difficulty/difference (e.g. dyslexia, dyscalculia).

If you have already indicated a disability/learning difference/health condition on your CAO form for this year, the DSS staff will have this information and documentation if provided. However you will still need to register fully with the DSS to avail of supports.


Early needs assessment

We encourage students who may need an academic personal assistant, sign language interpreters, access to campus/buildings, or mobility training to email for an early needs assessment meeting in August.

Please note that lecture timetables are usually only available a few days before each semester starts are subject to change over the first 2-3 weeks of each semester which means that not all supports can be finalised in advance.


Registration process

In order to register for supports from the DSS students have to fill out an online registration form, provide suitable documents as evidence of your disability/learning difference/health condition, and attend a meeting to fully register with the DSS.

Step 1 - Online Registration form

The online form is available through a personalised link that will be sent to new students’ myCIT email in the first week of Semester 1.  You can also request the registration email after 14th September 2015 (start of week 1) or a registration form in an alternative format by emailing

Step 2 Documents

Students can scan in documents and attach to the online DSS registration form, or email them to or give a photocopy of their documents with evidence/diagnosis of their learning difference, health condition or disability into the Access Service. If you have already submitted your documents to the CAO in 2015 you do not need to bring in another copy unless you have new or updated information.

Please submit as much information as possible including full diagnosis. Please note that GP letters are not accepted as evidence. Please email if you have a query.

Please see Documents page for more details of documents


Asperger’s Syndrome Full diagnosis documentation by psychiatrist/psychologist
ADHD / ADD Psychiatrist/ psychologist report
Blind/ Vision impaired Ophthalmologist  /ophthalmic surgeon; Visiting teacher letter
Deaf / hard of hearing Audiogram
Dyspraxia (DCD) Educational psychologist’s report and occupational therapist report
Mental health issues Psychiatrist report
Physical, medical conditions and ongoing illnesses Report from a relevant consultant such as orthopaedic, neurologist, endocrinologist
Specific learning differences (dyslexia / dyscalculia) Full educational psychologist report


Step 3 Go to a Meeting

To complete your registration with the DSS you must attend a meeting with one of the DSS staff. Depending on the supports you might need you can choose to have a full needs assessment meeting or an exam supports only meeting. Students with specific learning differences will be expected to attend a group meeting of students who need similar supports and this also has a one to one element. This meeting will confirm what supports you are entitled to and will allow us to apply for funding for you from the Fund for Students with Disabilities if you are eligible.

This then completes your registration with the Disability Support Service. You may need to attend a meeting with Assistive Technology and/or Learning Support if the DSS identify you need further support from these areas.


What is a Needs Assessment meeting?

This is a meeting where you and the DSS make a plan of supports for the year such as access to buildings, sign language interpreters, note taking support, personal assistants, exam supports, equipment, and informing lecturers.

What is an Exam Supports Only meeting?

If you think you will only need exam supports while at CIT and also want us to inform your lecturers we will ask you to come to a meeting (which may be in a small group) where we will confirm your supports.

What does No Supports mean?

Some students may decide when registering that they do not want any supports or just want to let the DSS know about their details in confidence. Students are welcome to use the link at any time to complete their registration and ask for a meeting.


Exam supports – registration deadline 

Please note in order for the DSS to confirm with the Exams Office what exam supports a student is entitled to, students must register fully with the DSS (includes going to a meeting) by these dates:

  • Semester 1 exams: Friday 30th October 2015
  • Semester 2 exams: Thursday 24th March 2016
  • Repeat August exams: Friday 8th July 2016

From 2015/16 on, all DSS Students will have to email the Exams Office ( directly for each exam session to confirm what supports they wish to use for their end-of-semester exams by a certain date. For more details please see the CIT Exams page