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Information for staff


If you have concerns about your student, please contact the Counselling Service, by:

• Phone: 021 4335772
• Email:
• Calling into our office, Second Floor, Student Centre.

When to refer a student

When a student feels distressed and begins to fall behind in his/her studies as a result of personal issues that arise during a student’s academic life, you should encourage them to seek help from the Counselling Service. If you have any questions about the process you may contact the Counselling Service Administrator on  021 - 4335772

Common Signs of Student Distress

  • Noticeable drop in grades
  • Poor class attendance or protracted absences
  • Loss of motivation/ feelings of inadequacy
  • Inability to focus
  •  Feelings of anxiety and fear of failure
  •  Unusual/ uncharacteristic behaviour
  •  Relationship split up
  •  Death or illness of family member or close friend
  •  Family problems

Please note: We provide letters/ reports for academic departments on students’ mitigating circumstances where the student has had meaningful contact with the service prior to the need for such a letter or report.