Stack Theatre

Stack Theatre – Technical Specification.

    The Stack theatre's dimensions are approximately 12m x 12m.  The theatre provides seating for 120 persons or 110 with 4 wheelchair spaces, available on request. The seating and stage arrangment is flexible, stage heights may be variable and multi tiered including provision for stageing in the centre of the performance space. (In the round.)

    Curtain rails are in place around the perimeter of the space and across the space in two locations. Black drapes may be hung around the room as required. In addition white drapes are available across the fromt of the space for use as a projection surface for video, stills, presentations etc.



Meyer UPA 1P Compact Wide coverage Loudspeakers x 8.

Meyer USW 1P Compact active SubWoofer x 4.

Meyer UM-1P Active Wedge Monitors x 8

          Availability on request.


Roland RSS 4000 Digital Multicore System. (32 send 8 returns) (connected to recording studio)


Yamaha DM2000 32 input. (24 digital light-pipe outputs if required).

Mackie Onyx 800 R x 2

System Controller.

Meyer Galileo 616. (controls PA delay times and EQ)


Rane DEQ 60L Stereo Graphic Equalizer x 7

Radio Microphones.

Sennheiser EW 500 Clip on microphones x 8

full microphone list on request.



Strand Classic Palette

Follow Spots.

Robert Juliat Buxie 1124 x 2

Fixed Lanterns.

Philips/Strand Zoom SL 18/32 Lanterns x 6

Philips/Strand Zoom SL 25/50 Lanterns x 6

Selecon Quartet 650W Fresnel Lanterns x 20

Philips Cantata 1200W Fresnel Lanterns x 16

Par 64 Lanterns x 12

1500W Strobe Light x 2

400 UV Gun Lantern

Smoke Machine.

Communications Equipment.

NetCira 8 talkback to Recording Studio and Stage.

Canford MS 731 comms system with BP 111 Headsets.

General AV.


Panasonic PT-D1200 Projector.

Projector may be operated from stage or control room.


Apple iMac 2.16GHz Intel Core Duo.

M-Audio ProFire 32/32 Firewire Audio interface.

Meyer Compass Loudspeaker Managment software.

Logic Pro 8

Pro Tools Le 8

Microsoft Office 2008

Quick Time Player

Belkin Router + D-Link Wireless Router.

Internet Available.