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What To Expect

The differences between School and College

“The main difference I’ve found between school and college is that it’s up to you, you have to take full responsibility for learning, which is a big shock to the system after you’ve come from secondary school.” Second year engineering student

“There’s been a big difference between school and college. I’ve found that I have to do a lot of independent work, using the library and internet resources.” Third year business student

“Help is always there but you have to go and get it. It’s very much independent learning, you need to take the initiative, if you don’t understand something you can look it up and then if you still don’t get it you can go and find someone. They’re not always chasing you up and that’s possibly the main difference really.” Final year analytical chemistry student

How Good Start Can Help You

The Good Start campaign will run over the first five weeks of college and help you to find your feet in CIT. You will meet the Good Start Ambassadors the week before classes begin during registration day so be sure to say 'Hi' and get to know them.

Each week there will be a variety of events happening around a different theme to help you settle in. Don't be shy, get involved in the fun to meet new people and win some cool prizes. You can also follow myCIT on social media so you will know whats happening throughout Good Start.

Remember, you can do this. Everyone says college days are the best days of your life. Keep on top of your course assignments and deadlines aswell as having some fun and college will be the greatest experience. We look forward to welcoming you into the vibrant CIT community!