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CIT is committed to developing long-term, strategic relationships with overseas educational institutions of high standing to ensure that its students are provided with opportunities to learn and develop in a truly international context. Over many years, CIT has developed strong relationships with institutions in Europe, largely through the Erasmus programme, as well as India, China, Canada and Saudi Arabia.




The LLP Erasmus programme celebrates its 25th Anniversary in 2012. To date, over 2m European students have experienced what it means to do an Erasmus term in one of approximately 4,000 higher education institutions in 31 participating countries. Students can go on an Erasmus student mobility period abroad, either for studies or a placement, lasting from three months to a full academic year. Eligible countries include all EU member states, as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Turkey. CIT holds an Erasmus University Charter (Extended), which allows the Institute to organise student and staff exchanges with a large number of Erasmus partner institutions, and also to arrange student placements abroad. Registered full-time CIT students, who have completed one year’s study, can apply to spend a study or training period abroad, and gain ECTS credits. Supplementary funding is provided by the Erasmus programme to assist with initial additional costs, such as flights, accommodation deposits, etc. During 2012-2013 there will also be opportunities for students to participate in 10-day Erasmus Intensive Programmes, where they will work in international and multi-disciplinary teams. Travel and subsistence funding will be available to participants. Each year CIT also welcomes students and visiting academics from many of its Erasmus partner institutions.
The CIT International Students’ Society organises a lively programme of social and cultural events for visiting students (email:

Further information on Erasmus exchanges and placements can be found on the following websites:

or from the International Office which is located in the Administration Centre on the Bishopstown Campus.
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Erasmus Student Profile:

Teresa Walsh, a Business Studies student who spent her final year at Blekinge Tekniska Hogskola, Sweden during 2010-2011, and returned to BTH the following September to complete her master’s degree, had this to say about her Erasmus experience:
“It has been one of the most terrifying, challenging, rewarding and enjoyable experiences of my life as a student.”
It was also daunting as I had never lived away from home before, or been abroad, or travelled anywhere on my own, but these problems were soon overcome and I found myself settling in, making friends and learning the lay of the land in no time.
I participated in a project called “European on loan”, visiting high schools in the area as a guest lecturer and spoke to the students in English about Ireland, about our country and our culture. I joined the international student union that is the Masters of Management Union, as the marketing officer. Here again, I made many friends and met many people from diverse backgrounds where we organised and coordinated many entertaining and enjoyable events such as a trip to Berlin, a kite making and BBQ day, and entrepreneurship seminar, cricket tournament and speed dating on Valentine’s day. I also have learnt the Swedish language.”

“There’s a lot to be learned from other nationalities and they can learn a lot from you. You won’t lose anything by going on Erasmus; you’ll gain friends for life and a new way of looking at the world. TAKE THE PLUNGE!!!”
Christopher O’Donovan, Mechanical Engineering graduate, who spent a semester in the Czech Technical University in Prague in 2010.

“After almost 10 years of international experience, I can see that success at work strongly depends on mutual understanding and respect. Experiences like those offered by Erasmus are a basis for a truly integrated Europe as this creates strong ties among national and communities.”
Tomas Vitvar, who completed an Erasmus exchange at CIT in 2000, when studying for his PhD at the Czech Technical University in Prague.

George Mitchell Peace Scholarship

CIT is a partner in the George Mitchell Peace Scholarship which facilitates exchanges of students between CIT and the Maine Community College System, a group of seven colleges located throughout the State of Maine. Under the scholarship, students can spend one semester or an academic year at one of the participating colleges. Please note that this scholarship scheme is open to students who have recently graduated, or those who are taking a year out from their CIT studies only, as credits from the courses taught in Maine cannot be transferred.