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Sports Scholarship Criteria and Process

CIT Sports Scholarship Application Criteria 2016 - 2017

Click here to download Criteria of Eligibility

To apply for the CIT Sports Scholarship athletes must fulfil the eligibility criteria listed below:

  •  Applications will be considered from current full-time students of Cork Institute of Technology
  • Prospective students may apply for the CIT Sports Scholarship programme but only if they have applied for a course at CIT through the CAO. Furthermore progressing through the application process will be subject to the individual successfully meeting the CIT admission requirements through the CAO system and enrolling in a programme of academic study at CIT
  • Only sports recognised by the Irish Sports Council will be considered.
  • Please contact the Irish Sports Council for more information on tel: 01 860 8800 or visit
  • Recipients will be required to maintain their academic standards throughout the term of their scholarship. Students who do not pass their exams in the summer/autumn are not eligible to apply for a scholarship the following year.
  • Applicants must compete at or have the potential to compete at International, National, Inter-Provincial or Inter-County Level
  • It is a requirement that successful applicants maintain the appropriate level of commitment to CIT in their sport and compete in all intervarsity and other related competitions
  • The recipient must train with their respective CIT Club at least once a week; attendance will be monitored by the respective coaches.
  • Gaelic Games recipients must, if eligible (i.e. Not registered to a Senior Hurling or Football Club Only already playing in the Cork County Senior Championships), be available to play for the Institute in the Cork County Championships.  Recipients who do not make themselves available may not be eligible for a scholarship in the subsequent year.
  • Successful candidates are expected to contribute to the administration, coaching, promotion, and development of their sport at CIT and have the ability and responsibility to conduct a coaching session should the need arise.
  • The recipient will be expected to participate in two fitness tests/specific tests set out by the Sports Office during the year and achieve the required standards as set out by the Sports Office. This will be communicated to you in writing throughout the year.
  •  Support workshops and lectures will be organised throughout the year. Attendance at these events is mandatory.
  • Recipients will be expected to keep up to date on the relevant reading materials available in the Institute’s library on their particular sport.
  • Should the Scholarship recipient sustain injury or illness during the course of their Academic Year, it is the responsibility of that recipient to report immediately to the Sports Office. It is also necessary that the recipient be aware of the proper procedures for the diagnosis and treatment of all our CIT athletes under the current athlete welfare programme at the Institute.
  • All scholarship recipients are ambassadors of the Cork Institute of Technology and should conduct themselves accordingly.

Please note that meeting all the above criteria does not mean automatic acceptance to the Scholarship Programme.

The eligibility and selection criteria reflect the evolving nature of the Sport Scholarship Programme and Cork Institute of Technology reserves the right to amend the criteria for selection according to the requirements of the scheme.

Also note that the successful applicant will be paid their Scholarship in three instalments; at the awards ceremony in semester one, after completing semester one examinations, and after completing semester 2 examinations, subject to meeting all of the above requirements.

N.B If the above criteria are not met by the recipient their Scholarship may be wholly or partially withdrawn at the discretion of the Sports Council.

CIT Sports Scholarship Application Process

Athletes that wish to be considered for a Sports Scholarship for the 2016-2017 academic year must send a completed Application Form to the Sport Office, Cork Institute of Technology, Bishopstown, Cork.

Short listed applicants will be invited to attend an interview. The panel will consider the applicants current level of performance to include frequency and duration of achievement, potential in your sport and the possible contribution to sport at CIT. The Panel will also consider the high performance structure in your sport. If successful at interview, athletes will be offered a conditional Sport Scholarship Award at our awards ceremony in Semester 1.

Scholarship Application Forms:

> Closing date for application: 5.00pm 23rd September 2016
> Application forms will be available after 8th August 2016


Application forms are also available after the 8th August 2016, from CIT Sports Office (E: or T: 021 433 5763 / 5764).