4. ZOTERO Referencing Software


As we mentioned in the previous page, software applications have been developed to make referencing easier for researchers. This software automatically takes the full bibliographic details (and the full text, if possible), of useful literature and sources from the internet (or they can be entered manually) and stores them on the user's computer (or online). Then, when writing up the research, the user can just insert the reference into the text where s/he wants it and the full bibliographic details will also be inserted into the Reference List at the end of the document in a word processing application such as MS Word.

These applications can use any referencing system and will alter the references automatically, accordingly.

For the purposes of this Guide we will describe one such software system, called ZOTERO. This is compatible with almost all the online journal databases in CIT Library and it is free to download from the internet. Other systems follow a similar process.

ZOTERO is available free to download from www.zotero.org.

ZOTERO is funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Institute of Museum and Library Services, and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

ZOTERO is an Add On to the Mozilla Firefox Internet Browser and when you download it, it is attached to Firefox and appears as an add on item on the status bar of the application (on the bottom right of your screen)

Go on the internet and find at least 5 different referencing software systems

Some answers:
ZOTERO, Endnote, Reference Manager, ProCite, RefWorks, BibTeX, Aigaion, Biblioscape, Bookends, GradeGuru, Connotea, CiteULike, I, Librarian, Referencer, Scholar's Aid

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