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Fees & Grants

Full-time Undergraduate Student Fees and Grant Info

Students should note that Fees quoted relate to the current academic year only and are subject to change on an annual basis

To download the CIT Student Regulations Fees 2016 - 2017, please click here

Student Fees comprise of two elements:

  • Student Contribution Charge
  • Union of Students in Irealnd (USI) Levy
  • Tuition Fees

Student Contribution Charge

The Student Contribution Charge for the academic year 2016/17 is €3,000. This is an annual charge which is set by the Government for all full-time third level students.

Students can apply to Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI) for a grant which, if approved, may cover 100% of the Student Contribution Charge. For information on Grants please click here.

Union of Students in Ireland (USI) Levy

The USI membership levy of €7.00 has been introduced as a result of a referendum where students opted to affiliate to the national Students’ Union. This Levy is not covered by a SUSI grant and must be paid before the start of Semester 1.

EU Tuition Fees

Many undergraduate students attending publicly funded third-level courses do not have to pay tuition fees. Under the terms of the Free Fees Initiative, the Government will pay these fees to the colleges instead.

Students undertaking a second undergraduate course, non-EU students, students studying by ACCS mode and students taking a year of a course for a second time (i.e. repeating a year/level) may be liable for tuition fees.

The following are the tuition fees for 2016/17. 

Programme Annual EU Tuition Fee Rate
Higher Certificate (Level 6) €250
Ordinary Degree (Level 7) €250
Honours Degree (Level 8 €819
Honours Degree - Architecture or Engineering (Level 8) €1,450

In order to qualify for free tuition fees you must have been living in an EU/ EEA member state or Switzerland for at least 3 of the 5 years before starting your course.

EU/EEA/Swiss nationals who have not been resident in the EU/EEA/Switzerland in recent years but have completed at least five academic years of study in the EU/EEA/Switzerland (at either primary or post-primary) will qualify for the EU rate of fees. This amendment is applicable to new entrant undergraduate students with effect from the 2014/15 academic year.

You must also fulfil one of the following 6 criteria as regards citizenship and rights of residence in Ireland:

  1. Be a citizen of an EU/EEA member state (see above) or Switzerland or
  2. Have official refugee status or
  3. Be a family member of a refugee and have been granted permission to live in the State or
  4. Be a family member of an EU national and have permission to live in the State, with a stamp “4EUFAM” on your residence card or
  5. Have been granted humanitarian leave to remain in the State or
  6. Have been granted permission to remain in the State by the Minister for Justice and Equality, following a determination by the Minister not to make a deportation order under Section 3 of the Immigration Act 1999.

You must also fulfil all of the following 3 course requirements:

  1. You must be undertaking a full-time undergraduate course of at least 2 years' duration.
  2. You must be a first-time full-time undergraduate. (However, prior undergraduate qualifications may be taken into consideration where exemptions are provided to a student pursuing a higher undergraduate qualification, to a maximum of Level 8 on the National Framework of Qualifications).
  3. In general, you must not be repeating the year because of failing your exams or changing course. This exclusion may be waived if you repeat a year due to certified serious illness. There are also some exceptions for students in Institutes of Technology who are switching courses.

Non-EU Fees

Any student who does not meet the conditions of Free Fees or EU Fees will be liable for Non-EU Fees, regardless of nationality or citizenship. Students classified for fee purposes as Non-EU will not be permitted to change their fee status following admission.

Annual CIT Non-EU Fees 2016 - 2017



Fees 2016/17

Higher Certificate (Level 6) €  9,250
Ordinary Bachelor Degree (Level 7) €10,250
Honours Degree - All except Engineering (Level 8) €11,250
Honours Degree - Engineering (Level 8) €12,250
Taught Masters - All except Engineering (Level 9) €11,250
Taught Masters -  Engineering (Level 9) €12,250
Research Masters - All except Engineering (Level 9) €11,250
Research Masters - Engineering (Level 9) €12,250
PhD (Level 9) €11,250


Payment of Fees

Students are notified of their fees by e-mail to their CIT student e-mail account, therefore it is important that students check their e-mail accounts regularly.

To make payments, students should logon to the online payments facility You will need your student ID number (R000XXXXX), Date of birth and your Debit/Credit card details.

A receipt will be sent to your CIT e-mail account once the payment is made. You may also query your account balance from this link.

Your fee calculation is based on information currently available to us. Please note that this fee is subject to change.

Payment options

Tuition Fee, USI Levy, and Student Contribution:

Option 1   

Full Payment €3,007 & Tuition (if applicable) before the start of Semester 1.


Option 2

First Instalment €1,507 & 50% Tuition (if applicable) before the start of Semester 1.
Instalments: Second Instalment €1,500 & 50% Tuition (if applicable) before the start of Semester 2.

Grant Applicants

Students who have applied for a grant and are awaiting approval can apply to pay their fees in monthly instalments. To complete the application form go to include your SUSI grant reference number and submit it to the fees office. You can then proceed to pay your fees in monthly instalments online as per the agreed schedule. 

If you are subsequently awarded a grant which covers 100% of the Student Contribution Charge then any payments you have made to date will be refunded by CIT. 

Late Payment Penalties and Charges

  • Any outstanding Semester 1 fees will incur a 10% late payment fee after the due date.
  • Any outstanding Semester 2 fees will incur a 10% late payment fee after the due date.

Refunds of Fees paid

Full‐time Students

Students who officially withdraw from their course before 31st October (Semester 1) or before 28th February (Semester 2) will be refunded their semester fees less a 15% administrative charge.


NB: Students must complete an official Withdrawal Form and return it to the CIT Admissions office by 31st October (Semester 1) or 28th February in order to be eligible for a refund.

Student Grants

The student grant is the main source of financial help available from the Irish State for students in full-time higher education courses. The grant may cover 100% of the Student Capitation Charge (€3,000 in 2016/17) as well as providing a monthly Maintenance grant which is paid directly into the student’s bank account. Please note that the grant does not cover the €7 USI Levy.

For eligible students, the grant is there to help with the various costs of participating in higher education. Students on part-time courses, access or foundation courses (in higher education institutions) and short courses are not eligible to apply for a student grant. 

Family and/or personal income is a key factor that will be assessed when you apply for a student grant but there are also some other conditions. can help you to assess whether you are eligible and guide you in starting the process.

If you think you are eligible for the student grant, you should apply for it as soon as possible (online application for 2016-17 is now open). You do not have to wait until you receive an offer of a place or enrol in college. Only when your application has been completed in full and submitted to the grant-awarding authority can your eligibility be determined.

All new grant applications should be made online to Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI). Students can access the online system through,; or


The SUSI Support desk is the single contact point for all e-mail and telephone queries.

If you are subsequently awarded a grant which covers 100% of the Student Contribution Charge then any payments you have made to date will be refunded by CIT.

Continuing Students - Grant Renewals 2015/16

Students who were in receipt of a grant in 2015/16 and are progressing to the next year of their course will have their grant record reapplied to their account for 2016/17. Therefore, you will only receive a fee notification e-mail in August/September for the €7 USI Levy.

Your grant awarding body (SUSI or your Local Authority) will notify the college directly if your grant has been renewed.

If your grant is not renewed by 31st October you will then become liable for the fees, €1,500 in Semester 1 and €1,500 before the start of Semester 2.

CIT Student Fees and Grants Office Contact Details:

The CIT Student Fees and Grants Office is located on the ground floor of the Administration Building adjacent to to the Admissions Office, Bishopstown Campus.

Opening Hours: Monday - Friday 9.30am - 12.30pm & 2.00pm - 4.00pm

Tel: 00 353 21 4335440
Fax: 00 353 21 4335019