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Entry Requirements to CIT - New Leaving Certificate Grading Scale in 2017



For entry to the Cork Institute of Technology, from 2017, the new Leaving Certificate grading system will be implemented.


The new grades will range from  H1 - H8 and O1 - O8.  The new grade system and how it corresponds with the current scheme is as follows:


H1/O1 90-100  A1
H2/O2 80<90 A2/B1
H3/O3 70<80 B2/B3
H4/O4 60<70  C1/C2
H5/O5 50<60 C3/D1
H6/O6 40<50 D2/D3
H7/O7  30<40 E
H8/O8 0<30 E/NG


Bonus points for Maths in 2017

As similar to the current scheme, 25 additional points will be awarded for higher level Mathematics at grades H6 and above.   


More details can be accessed at: