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A Word of Welcome

Hello and welcome to Cork Institute of Technology. 

For many students college life can be an exciting but nerve-wracking experience with many students leaving home for the first time....

Chaplaincy understands how difficult it can be transitioning from secondary school to college, and we are here to care for and support you on this journey through CIT.

Mission Statement

The Chaplaincy at Cork Institute of Technology is a dynamic presence which seeks to

  • Accompany students and staff on their life journey;
  • Provide a listening ear in a safe and welcoming environment;
  • Enable opportunities for Spiritual development, meaningful worship and celebration;
  • Provide an empathic service to each other and to the wider community.

Sacred Space on Campus

The College Chapel (Room D155) is open all day.

Mass is celebrated here Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 8.40 am during the academic year. 

The College Chapel also provides a place of reflection or place for you to unwind.


The Student ‘Info Desk’

T: 021 – 4335060
Location: Top of the Canteen
Opens each morning at 8.30am.
Here you will meet one of the Chaplaincy Student Support Team who will respond to whatever needs/questions you might have.
Other resources at the desk are:

  • Bus Timetables
  • Lost & Found Service
  • Use of Stapler/Puncher
  • Make an appointment (to see Nurse/Doctor/Lecturer/Chaplains and other Student Services)

Whatever the query none is too small, so approach us and see how we can help you while here at CIT.

‘What’s On’ Newsletter:

Your free weekly guide to what’s happening on campus 'This is a Chaplaincy' Publication. Available each Monday morning at the Chaplaincy ‘Info Desk’. Check it out for what is going on in: Sport /Societies/Students' Union/Chaplaincy/Info on CareersCompetitions and much more. 

Chaplaincy Projects

You are welcome to get involved with us throughout the academic year in variety of projects, such as:

  • National/International relations; themed nights at the Chaplaincy House ‘Cornerstone’, 3 Elton Lawn
  • ‘Mindfulness’ –for a greater selfunderstanding and peacefulness
  • Charity Events
  • Volunteering Locally & Internationally
  • Awareness Days
  • Hospitality

CornerStone’- Chaplaincy House 3, Elton Lawn

  • A ‘Chill-Out’ space! Enjoy free tea/coffee, listen to music, chat with friends. Connect with students from other countries and cultures…Free Wi-Fi

Have a look at our Logo – what do you see?

What do you think it tells you about the Chaplaincy Team


The core image of our logo is a fingerprint image, which represents each individual student, their unique traits as people and their problems. The fingerprint is constructed using independent lines, which collectively make up the fingerprint. These are the departments, organisations and groups that together form the community, which directly and indirectly influence and change individual students. 

While the centre of the fingerprint is a fish, which was the initial symbol of Christianity.

Notice how the motif is linked to the text through the letter ‘l’. The way in which the letter ‘l’ extends to meet the fingerprint, creates a new image – a tree-representing nurture and growth. These 3 symbols illustrate the multifaceted tasks of the Chaplaincy Team on a daily basis..

We look forward to meeting all of you then throughout the year. We also want to wish you the very best during your time here at CIT.