Student Leaders




Who are Student Leaders


We as Student Leaders work with Student Services, to promote a positive adjustment and environment for first-year students starting university in MTU.  Our aim is to help new students to make friends, develop strong support groups and assist first-year students in accessing all the support student services available in the university. 

As students ourselves, we are aware of the challenges of transitioning into third level education.  

“It was a great way to interact with students outside of my course and to make new friends. I would definitely recommend it to other students.” -  Sneha Babu, 3rd year Accounting.


Student Leaders duties


Student Leaders work for MTU's Student Services on campus helping with many events and activities throughout the year which include, Open day, Registration,Conferring, Careers Fair and other department events. Each student leader can work up to 12 hours a week during the academic calender.


“It is nice to have a job that fits around your college and personal schedule, no two jobs are ever the same, which is great fun.” - Rose Butler, 4th year, Applied Biosciences & Biotechnology


Student Leaders must have excellent communication skills, be punctual, professional, helpful and be able to work as part of a team. Student Leaders will be required to give first year students accurate and relevant information on MTU and its support services. Training is provided. 


“While working as a student leader, I gained excellent communication skills. I learned how to be in charge, organised, punctual and responsible. “ - Eunice Olaniyan, 4th year, Nutrition & Health


How can I apply to be a Student Leader


Applications are open for the Academic year 2022/2023, applicants are invited from both undergraduate and post graduate level. Deadline for applications is 21st March 2022. Applicants must be registered as full-time MTU students during the academic year 2022/2023.


"I gained communication skills and confidence levels are improved. Being a Student Leader was a big talking point for a recent placement interview I had and a great way of expressing my learned skills. It also enabled me to give good examples of the skills I had learned." - Chloe Hayes, 3rd Year, Pharamaceutical Biotechnology


"I love being a Student Leader. I love helping out the first years for the Registration & Orientation week and the graduates for the Conferrings. It’s such a mix of jobs that allows you to meet so many people around the college during the year, it’s just fantastic. Being a Student Leader also helped me to be more confident." - Sinead Hegarty, 4th Year, Software Development


"Being a Student Leader has improved my confidence when I am speaking in a large crowd. I am also very happy that I have met so many people from different courses and departments." - Pey Wen Lim, 2nd Year, Pharamaceutical Biotechnology




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How to book Student Leaders


Student Leaders can be booked to assist at departmental events by contacting Yvonne Mackey on 021-4326149 by email on or by visiting Room S212 in the Gallery of the Student Centre.