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Admissions Office

Opening Hours
9.30am – 4.00pm (open Mon - Thurs at lunch-time during the academic semester)
Telephone (021) 4335040



All new students must ensure they are registered before going to class.

All eligible Full-time Continuing students (i.e. progressing from year 1 to year 2, etc.) are entered automatically for the new academic year.

Students choosing a new Programme Option, or Progressing from one award level to another (eg Level 7 to Level 8) must register by completing a Registration Form which was posted to eligible students by the Admissions Office at the beginning of August.

Full-time students completing Work Placement or taking Autumn Repeats: After the Exam Board Meetings in September, eligible continuing students are automatically rolled to the new academic year on 13th September. Students on courses with Programme Options, or Progressing from one Level course to another, come to Admissions to collect your Registration Form on 15th September which should be signed and returned to Admissions immediately.

Postgraduate students must submit a Registration Form every year to the Admissions Office.

Students doing Exams Only, Repeating a module(s) or Programme, or doing Project Only must submit a Registration Form, signed by the Head of Department.

Students applying for RPL must also ensure that they are enrolled on time for that module.

Returning Part time students can enrol online from 14th September.

Students are not completely registered until all fees are paid in full.


Module registration

All students must ensure that they are officially registered for all modules, including electives. Instructions will be sent to your CIT email account regarding registering online for your electives. If you are not on the system for a module, you will not have access to lecturer notes on Blackboard, your lecturer will not be able to enter a grade, and you will not have the module on your exam timetable. Late registration for any module will incur a fine. For 2017/18, the deadline for Semester 1 is 5pm 13th October 2017, and for Semester Two it is 5pm 9th February 2018.

Online enrolment opens from Monday 4th September 2017. Go to Web4student to check the modules for which you are enrolled. Add any missing modules (get the CRN from your lecturer). 


Social Welfare, Medical card Application Form, Grant Forms etc

These forms should be fully completed before being presented for stamping. Present your ID card when coming to the Admissions Office which is situated on the Ground Floor of the Administration Building.


Letters / Certification of Attendance

Please contact your own Department for any letters you require.


Change of Contact Details

If you change your address or telephone number, complete a Change of Contact Details Form and submit to the Admissions Office.



If you wish to Defer Full Year or Semester, complete the Deferral Application Form  and submit to your Head of Department for consideration, and return it to the CIT Admissions office by 31st October, or 28th Feb. for Sem. 2 deferral. You will receive a letter from the Admissions Office advising you of the decision. Year 1 students must also follow the procedures as outlined by the CAO. For further information please contact the Admissions Office. If you need to explore your options further please contact the Careers Service on 021-4335772 or email



If you wish to leave your course, complete a Course Withdrawal Form and submit to the Admissions Office. Full-time students who withdraw before 31st October (Semester 1), or 28th February (Semester 2), will be entitled to a refund of 85% of fees paid. If you repeat a year, tuition fees as well as registration fees will apply.

Forms are also available from the Admissions Office, on the ground floor of the Administration Building or from or the Admissions website.