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How to apply for the Student Assistance Fund?

SAF Application Forms are available from the following offices;

  1. Accommodation Office, 1st Floor, Student Centre, CIT Bishopstown campus
  2. Access Service, Ground Floor, Student Centre, CIT Bishopstown campus 

Students from other campuses can request an application form to be posted to them by emailing Alternatively SAF Application Forms are available from the Campus Liaison Coordinator, Ms Alison Moore. 

Where do I return my SAF Application Form to? 

All completed SAF Application Forms (pink and yellow forms- including supporting documentation) are to be returned to the post box outside of the Accommodation Office in a sealed envelope with the students name and ID number clearly marked on the outside.

Students from other CIT campuses can give their applications to the Campus Liaison Coordinator, Mr Lorcan McLoughlin, and he will return them to us on your behalf. 

Please note the following important information: 

  • SAF applications that are incomplete or missing supporting documentation will be returned to students, delaying the application process.
  • Documentation to support the claim must be included with the application (Please refer to the SAF Checklist for required documentation).
  • All SAF Applicants will be called to attend an interview with representatives from the Student Assistance Fund Committee to discuss the details of your application. 
  • The SAF committee will consider applications on the basis of application form and evidence provided. The committee cannot take into account information which is not submitted but may be relevant.All applications will be treated confidentially.
  • Receipts will be required before each payment if students are successful in their application. RECEIPTS FIRST, PAYMENT AFTER!
  • If approved for childcare assistance, only receipts from registered child minders are accepted.
  • You will need all your monthly income and expenditure paperwork as well as your most recent bank statement (showing previous three months of transactions) for both filling in the application form and to submit along with your SAF application form. 
  • It must be clearly understood that this fund is limited and subject to availability and eligibility. The Student Assistance Fund is governed by National and EU regulations.
  • You are assured that the information supplied by you will only be used to assist in determining the outcome of your application for assistance and for audit purposes.
  • Successful and unsuccessful applicants will receive communication from the SAF committee in relation to their application. 
  • Successful applicants will be notified of the amount and category of approval. Payment will be based on students returning the signed acceptance form and receipts cover sheet with relevant acceptable receipts by the deadline specified your notification letter.  
  • Any funding approved will expire at the end of the current academic year. A new application must be made for each subsequent year thereafter.
  • Applicants will be disqualified from the scheme if found to have given false information or failure to advise of change of circumstances which would affect the amount of assistance given. 
  • Funding is available for term time only, excluding Easter Holidays and Christmas Holidays. 

How can I appeal a decision made by the SAF Committee?

An applicant whose application has been deemed unsuccessful may appeal by letter/email to the SAF committee ( ) within three weeks of notification.