How to apply for the Student Assistance Fund?

The Student Assistance Fund application form will be available to complete online from mid-September.


If you are completing the application on a mobile phone device, you will need to download Adobe Acrobat from the App/Android Store in advance of completing the form.

Once you complete the PDF application form in full, please email the form along with your required supporting documentation to

Once all documentation is received, your application will be assessed.

Most decisions will be made on the basis of the information provided on the form and the supporting documentation. There may be occasions where the Assessors will need to meet the applicant to verify information on the form and the financial issues that are affecting the student.

If a meeting is required, the meeting will be carried out via MS Teams.

Students who apply for financial support to purchase a laptop or who wish to apply to be considered for one of the laptops through the Government Laptop Loan Scheme, will not be met. Decisions will be made on the basis of the information provided in your application and support documentation.

Where do I return my SAF Application Form to? 

The SAF application form (including supporting documentation) are to be returned via email to

Please note the following important information

  • SAF applications that are incomplete or missing supporting documentation will not be assessed.
  • Documentation to support the application must be included in the application email. (Please refer to the SAF Checklist for required documentation).
  • The SAF committee will consider applications on the basis of application form and evidence provided. The committee cannot take into account information which is not submitted but may be relevant. All applications will be treated confidentially.
  • You will need all your monthly income and expenditure paperwork as well as your most recent bank statement (showing previous three months of transactions) for both filling in the application form and to submit along with your SAF application form. 
  • It must be clearly understood that this fund is limited and subject to availability and eligibility. The Student Assistance Fund is governed by National and EU regulations.
  • You are assured that the information supplied by you will only be used to assist in determining the outcome of your application for assistance and for audit purposes. Please see GDPR statement for additional information. 
  • Successful and unsuccessful applicants will receive communication from the SAF committee in relation to their application. Successful applicants will be notified of the amount and category of approval.  
  • Any funding approved will expire at the end of the current academic year. A new application must be made for each subsequent year thereafter.
  • Applicants will be disqualified from the scheme if found to have given false information or failure to advise of change of circumstances which would affect the amount of assistance given. 
  • Funding is available for term time only, excluding inter- semester break, & Easter holidays.