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Examination Appeals

The general Appeals Policy and appeal forms may be downloaded from this website - see below. Appeal forms are also available from the CIT Registrar’s Office (1st floor, Administration Centre).

Appeals should be lodged with the Registrar’s Office (1st floor, Administration Centre) within 5 working days of the day on which the examination results are issued.


  • Examinations Appeals must be submitted as outlined below, during the specified period following the release of exam results. 
  • Autumn Examination Appeals may be submitted from 9.00am on Friday 16th September 2016 up to 4.30pm on Thursday 22nd September 2016.  
  • Late applications will not be accepted.  


Appeals on the appropriate form must be signed by the student making the appeal and will be accepted directly from the student, by post, or by fax (to 021 4335016). A scanned electronic file of the signed form may be submitted as an email attachment to  The student has a responsibility to verify the receipt of fax or email submissions by contacting the Registrar's Office (phone 021- 4335389).  Appeals made on behalf of a student by a third party will not be accepted.


Grounds for Examination Appeals

Results may be appealed on the following grounds:

Details of each of these categories are in the Examination Appeals Policy which may be downloaded here.

Examination Appeals Fee

Completed Examinations Appeals forms should be accompanied by the appropriate fee as follows:

  • For appeals on the grounds of Extenuating Circumstances or Procedural or Administrative Error the fee is €80.
  • For appeals on the grounds of error in evaluation assessment material/performance the fee is €40 per module.

In the event of the appeal by the student being upheld, the fee charged shall be refunded in full.

General Notes on Examination Appeals

Early Disclosure of Extenuating Circumstances

Where an examination appeal is based on extenuating circumstances (e.g. illness), the appellant should note that, in general, extenuating circumstances must be submitted in a timely manner such that they can form part of the deliberations of the appropriate Module Examination Board meeting or Progression and Awards Board meeting. Accordingly, evidence relating to extenuating circumstances will not normally be admitted as grounds for appeal, except where it was not possible to submit this evidence for consideration at the relevant Board meeting. [See Section 4 of the Appeals Policy]. The Institute reserves the right to seek independent medical opinion.

Result of Appeal

A re-evaluation appeal may result in marks being increased, marks being decreased or marks  remaining unchanged. In the event of marks being changed, there may be a consequential change in the overall result.