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Becoming a PALS Mentor or PALS Leader


Develop your own skills and knowledge whilst helping and supporting other students.

Run informal Study Sessions for those in First Year.

Run informal Peer Mentoring meetings for new CIT Students.

Recieve indepth training and support.

PALS Peer Mentoring Support

  • PALS Peer Mentoring Support is student to student support bringing together students from different year groups to form mentoring relationships with new first years.
  • PALS Peer Mentoring Support enables first years to socially engage and discuss with other first year students any issues or worries associated with making the transition to third level.
  • PALS Peer Mentoring Support also enables visiting ERASMUS students to interact socially and culturally with CIT students to experience Irish culture and traditions.

Check out the full PALS Peer Mentor role description here.

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In order to be a PALS Peer Mentor you must be able to commit at least one hour per week to meet your assigned first years. PALS Peer Mentors are expected to make contact with their mentees via email on a weekly basis to arrange their weekly meetings. You must be able to attend the training sessions and final induction prior to the programme starting and be able to attend supervision sessions with the PALS Coordinator. 

IMPORTANT DATE CHANGE: The training for the PALS Peer Mentoring is on the following dates and attendance at one date is compulsory 11th and 18th of April, 30th & 31st May 2017.

Peer Mentoring Training will cover the following areas: Effective listening, Communication, Social Skills, Role, Boundaries, Referral skills, Various situations encountered, Self-Awareness/Preservation.


PALS Study Leaders

  • PALS Study is department based and is facilitated by trained higher year students studying the same course as the first year groups availing of the sessions.
  • PALS Study is timetabled on the first year timetable for an hour session once a week.PALS - Study enables first years to benefit from the support and guidance in a safe non- threatening environment.
  • PALS Study increases first year’s academic confidence and allows students attending to work and engage in collaborative problem solving with their peers.

Check out the full PALS Study Leader role description here.

Become a PALS Study Leader by filling in this online application form. 

*All PALS Study Leaders must have a referenced Nomination Form completed by an academic staff member or Head of Department before completing the application form.

In order to be a PALS Study Leader involved in the study sessions with first years you must be able to commit to the facilitation of a study group with first year groups on a weekly basis. IMPORTANT: PALS Study Leaders Training is two full days with compulsory attendance. PALS Study Leader Training will be on 4th & 5th September 2017.