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Deciding on elective modules

Choosing Course Modules

The Careers Service can help you with making choices, so you are advised to make an appointment if you are finding it difficult.

Tips for choosing Modules:

  • Do a lot of research, give yourself plenty of time to weigh up all options
  • Consider what outcomes the various choices will give you – explore the different career possibilities at the end of each option
  • Take some self-assessment/psychometric tests
  • Consider talking to people in the various professions (consider doing a career interview)
  • Explore the many recruitment pages and ask yourself if you can see yourself in certain roles/careers?
  • Find out whether it might be possible to change/swap modules at some point during the semester if you really don’t like the one which you have selected?
  • Consider whether it is a career defining choice or will the various options still bring you to the same conclusion and offer the same career path regardless?
  • Think about what you are good at, what are your strengths, which modules did you get the best grades in last year, which ones did you find most difficult?
  • If struggling to decide perhaps consider the more broad modules which don’t narrow down your options too early and therefore keep your options more open
  • Make an informed decision and clarify your goals through research and knowledge

Here are some useful sites where you can explore various career sectors: