DSS supports online

Accessing DSS Supports/ Reasonable accommodations

The DSS offers students supports and reasonable accommodations remotely, but these may differ from how they are offered on campus.

If you have queries, please contact the DSS - dssCork@mtu.ie


How do I access my notes?

MTU Cork students can access notes through Canvas. A "how-to" guide can be found here.

How are lectures being delivered?

Online lectures are usually delivered via Zoom through your Canvas module. Your timteable should also indicate which classes are remote and which are on campus. Lecturers will communicate more details through Canvas or email, so it is important to check Canvas and MTU student emails regularly for updates. If you are still unsure, it is a good idea to email or message your lecturer to ask for clarity.

How will I be assessed in 2021/22?

See the Registrar's September update:  https://covid19.cit.ie/important/academic-affairs-update-3-september-2021 Your academic department will also give more detailed information as the semester progresses.

What about my Exams Supports?

Exam supports are available for online timed tests and exams as well as on campus- this may differ to how these are delivered on the physical campus.

See this webpage for more information: www.mycit.ie/exam-supports-online

How do I access notetaking support/PA support?

Students with notetakers, PAs and ISL interpreters/speedtext may be facilitated instead to access their course through remote notes. Our remote notetaking service will have access to your lectures on Canvas. Students need to alert their notetakers on any updates or changes to lecturers and check emails and Canvas daily. Please contact dssCork@mtu.ie if you have a question on this

What if I have poor broadband quality or other issues accessing my course/exams/assessments?

Individual Extenuating Circumstances (IECs) describes conditions which temporarily prevent a student from taking an assessment(s) or significantly impair a student’s performance in an assessment(s). MTU Cork’s IEC policy is intended to detail MTU Cork's provision and support for students who experience IECs. Please refer to www.mycit.ie/extenuatingcircumstances and the documents within for more information.

Individual students should also contact their lecturer and/or the DSS for advice if there are specific issues relating to their learning difference, health condition or disability and accessing their course/exams so we can look into this with you.

I have a learning difference, health condition or disability and think I need DSS supports. Can I still apply for them?

Students can apply for DSS supports at any time in their studies. There can be a wait for a needs assessment in September /October due to the numbers of new students applying for supports.

This webpage gives information on the types of students the DSS supports - if you think this is relevant to you you are welcome to apply to the DSS. Students with injuries etc.should contact their head of department if this impacts on them accessing their course/ exams.

Information on how a student can apply to the DSS is here. We would recommend that you complete your application as soon as possible in order to access supports for the remainder of the semester where possible.

Where can I get advice on taking initiative and self-motivation?

The Academic Learning Centre, Academic Success Coaching, and DSS can give guidance on this. You will find some useful tips on remote learning here, as well as studying here and on the DSS Learning Support resources webpage.

What other MTU Cork supports can I access?

Other MTU Cork supports that you may have been engaging with may still be offering support remotely, so we would encourage you to contact them directly to check how this support is being offered: