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e-Pub Student Alcohol Survey

Ever thought about how alcohol is affecting you? Take E-Pub to see the results!

With the beginning of a new College Year, have you ever wondered how drinking alcohol can affect you and others around you?

Whether this is your first year here in CIT , or even if you are heading  into  the final year of your course, you are more than likely aware of the fun that comes with the college experience. Have you ever stopped to think what alcohol might do to you, or even just how much it might cost you in a year? Check out the real facts by trying out e-PUB CIT.   e-PUB is an evidence based website and is not sponsored or supported by the drinks industry, so it can "get to the parts that other sites can't reach".

If you think you might need help, details of places to contact for support are available from within e-PUB. Even if you do not drink, e-PUB may help you gain an insight into how your friends may be affected by alcohol and how you can direct them to sources of support.

Keep a look out for our E-Pub stations  during Orientation week and throughout the year on campus.