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Exam Regulations

It is important that each student would be aware of all the examination procedures and regulations for courses and to fully understand the overall examination process.

Two documents are of particular importance in this regard and it is advisable that you get to know these and, if necessary, have them clarified or explained to you by your lecturers.

General examinations regulations are contained in a document titled ‘Regulations for Modules and Programmes (Marks and Standards)’. For each course, there are further documents titled Semester Schedules. These provide specific information in regard to the examinations for a particular course, together with any special regulations which apply to that course.

A copy of Regulations for Modules and Programmes (Marks and Standards) is available for consultation in the library and your department can supply you with a copy of the semester schedules.

Courses are modularised and semesterised and this has a bearing on the examination processes. The examination system in the Institute is distinctly different from the systems that operate at other levels of education. For many modules, a significant proportion of the marks are allocated to work or assessments that are carried out during the semester. As a result, the final examination does not carry the weight that it would in, for instance, the Leaving Certificate.

For certain modules, there are no terminal examinations and all the marks are allocated for work done during the semester. Some key points in relation to the examination process are given below. However, they are not intended to be comprehensive and for further information you should consult Regulations for Modules and Programmes (Marks & Standards), Semester Schedules, individual course handbooks and lecturers.

Dates for Examinations

  • Terminal examinations for first semester modules are scheduled to take place immediately before and immediately after the Christmas break. Terminal examinations for the second semester modules are scheduled to take place in May/June. In certain cases students may be required to attend for examinations up to 20th June.
  • Timetables for the main semester examinations, together with other examination information is usually issued by the Examination Section during the semester. Dates for other examinations such as assessments and orals are provided by the relevant departments.

Examination Regulations

Examination Regulations are contained in the Student Regulations and in Regulations for Modules and Programmes (Marks & Standards).

Infringement of Examination Regulations

Infringement of examination regulations is viewed very seriously by the Institute. Penalties may include disqualification, with loss not only of the examination at which the infringement occurred, but also all other examinations sat in the same session. In addition re-entry to examinations may be barred for a period of one year. Further penalties may include prevention from sitting repeat examinations, restriction of the final classification of an award or termination of studies. 

Examination Appeals

An appeal system operates for students who wish to have results of their examinations rechecked or reviewed. Students are strongly advised to discuss their results with their department prior to lodging their appeals. Contact the Registrar’s Office for further details. Information on the examination appeals procedure can be obtained at appeals.