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Get Connected

What it's all about...

The main aim of Get Connected is social rather than academic. Groups of students and first year teams/ lecturers/ Heads of Department are facilitated by Good Start Ambassadors who will carry out fun group activities and icebreakers (with prizes) to encourage integration and bonding in the class group. 

The focus of Get Connected to get everyone talking to one another, ease barriers in communication and to learn new things about individuals they perhaps wouldn't have met before third level. 

How Does It Work?

Get Connected begins with a short presentation on ‘How To Get A Good Degree in CIT’ in the classroom and then students are brought to a large exhibition space, with lots of free space, for the fun interactive element of the session. These events successfully get students talking, encourage interaciton and help them make connections in their class group. 


The Get Connected pilot event ran during Good Start 2015. The first year class groups who participate in the pilot were from a range of departments including Applied Science, Structural and Civil Engineering, Visual Communications, Mulitmedia and CIT Cork School of Music. 93.33% of students who participated in the event enjoyed the Get Connected event, said that it helped them to get to know their class group better and rated the event with a 7/10 or higher.

'I thought the Get Connected Session was an excellent way of getting the students to engage, not just with the module but with the class group as a whole. We saw a number of students introducing themselves and finding common ground which is so important in first year.' Dr. Niamh Power, Department of Civil, Structural & Environmental Engineering

Book A 'Get Connected' Session For Your Class Group

To book a session for your class group please send an email to Sessions last approximately 1 hour but can be tailored to suit.

*Please note that the Good Start Team can only offer a limited number of Get Connected events., book your session early to secure your group's event.