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Good Start Semester 2

The Good Start Team returns each year at the beginning of Semester 2 to help students settle back into college after the winter break. Good Start Semester 2 is all about re-orientation to college life at CIT.

Forgotten where your classrooms are? Can’t remember how to use blackboard? Need some help figuring out your Semester 2 timetable? Don't sweat it Good Start Semester 2 has you covered.

The Just Ask! desk returns during the first week to help you find your feet again. Don’t be shy, just ask any question you need! We were all in first year once, it's ok to ask for help, the Good Start Ambassadors are only delighted to help students get back into the swing of things.

Just like Good Start at the start of the year there will be plenty of activities, events and competitions to get Good Start Semester 2 off the ground across all of the CIT campuses. So whether your in Cork city, Bishopstown or Ringaskiddy there will be someone there with a helping hand.

We look forward to meeting you again! In the meantime if you have any queries pop us an email to and we will get back to you asap.