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Quickstart Guide to Blackboard

1. Getting Started with Blackboard

Blackboard is a Learning Management System (LMS), designed to facilitate lecturers in the management of modules for students, by helping lecturers and learners with course administration. LMS systems are used to supplement face-to-face lectures and tutorials. The Blackboard Learning System is a web-based server software platform and provides a repository for formal course documents and a storage area for work programmes, lecturer-uploaded notes, presentations and assessments.

It also provides a mechanism whereby students can download lecture notes, submit their projects for grading and  access other course-related material from their Blackboard sites.   It allows tracking mechanisms to monitor student use and progress, and provides various assessment tools. It also includes functionality which enables students to interact via announcements, email, discussion boards. Not all academic staff will use Blackboard to support their face-to-face teaching.

1.1 Logging into Blackboard


Students can access Blackboard by going to and logging in using their student number and password.

CIT uses as Single Sign-On service, which allows CIT users to provide their student number and password once to a trusted service and to then have their identity securely, consistently and seamlessly provided to a number of CIT web applications.

When you initially login to blackboard you should tick the box to accept the terms of use and select Confirm.




Students are then automatically brought to a page where you should tick the box not to show this page again and select Confirm.

NOTE: Once these options have been confirmed, you will not be prompted again.




Effective from 26 May 2012 the EU cookie law requires websites to gain permission from users, before planting cookies. Before proceeding to further use this software application you must select Agree.



You will then automatically see any modules on which you are registered after you log in.


1.2 What if I cannot log in?


The Blackboard system is integrated with the CIT registration system, so that when you register for a course or module, you are automatically enrolled in the corresponding course on Blackboard.If you cannot log in, please check that you have registered for the current academic session with the Admissions office. Each evening the Student Records System sends data to Blackboard enrolling all registered students on their corresponding Blackboard courses. After this time, registered students will be able to log in to Blackboard and access the system.


If you are not registered against modules in the current year, you will be unable to access Blackboard and will get the following error:-



If you cannot log in, please check that:

  1. You have the correct username and password. To log in you will need your correct single sign on password.  Your student number (e.g. R00012345) is your Single Sign-On password for all web applications that IT Services offer (myCIT email, Blackboard/e-learning, Smartcard topup, PC login and exam results).To enable a single password for all services, please log in to your Web for Student account by clicking here. You will immediately be prompted to change your password. We also strongly suggest that you enter a security question and answer that will allow you to reset your password in the future.Within 15 minutes, your new password will be enabled across all other CIT web applications and you will have access using your SSO PIN.
  2. You have registered for the current academic year with Admissions. All information concerning registration for the academic session 2014-2015 is posted on the Registration Website.