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Use of a Bilingual Dictionary in Exams

English Language Assistance - using a bilingual dictionary:


If English is not your first language and you are sitting examinations in CIT you may be entitled to use a bilingual dictionary in your examinations.

If you want to apply for permission to use a dictionary in your examinations you will need to complete and submit this Use of Dictionary Form.

Semester 1 deadline for receipt of Dictionary Forms is the 15th March 2019.  Any requests after this date cannot be facilitated.

Students, you are required to fill out a copy of the form each year and your Head of Department must sign the form.  You must hand a copy of the form into the Examinations Office in the Melbourn Building in plenty of time before the exam (at least 2 weeks before the start of the exam period).

Please  read the rules carefully:  Exam Rules here .

You must bring in your own dictionary to the exam and electronic dictionaries are not allowed.

For further queries please email the Examinations Office: or ring 021 433 5090.