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ISU SSP17 Logistical Support Staff Required

02 May, 2017

18th June – 27th August 2017

Cork Institute of Technology in Cork (CIT), Ireland


  • Response Deadline: 10th May 2017


The International Space University Space Studies Programme (ISU SSP17) is the premier space networking event and it will take place this from 26th June to 25th August 2017 in Cork Institute of Technology. SSP17 will involve over 100 participants, 30 ISU staff, 7 astronauts and over 160 visiting space industry experts, including experts from the growing Irish space industry. The Chancellor of ISU, Buzz Aldrin, will address the Opening Ceremony on 26th June and give a public talk on 27th June. There will be 53 public events in total. For further information see and Appendix 1 below.



Who We Need

The SSP17 team is looking for responses to this call to fill the position of Logistical Support Staff. As an SSP17 staff member you will be an integral part of the SSP17 team. You will have the opportunity to network with the ISU faculty & visiting lecturers, SSP Chairs, participants, distinguished lecturers, and other well-­known individuals and officials working in the space business. You will learn about the global space industry business and make contacts that will be invaluable in your future career.


You must hold a full valid driving licence, as part of your duties will be to transport visiting lecturers and other VIPs. A car will be provided through our transport sponsor, Keary’s.


This position would suit anyone with an interest in the space industry and who is available from June 18th – August 27th inclusive. SSP’s are dynamic working environments where staff need to be able to work with a wide range of nationalities, completing tasks to tight deadlines. You do not have to be an expert in space industry matters and all discipline backgrounds are welcome to apply.



Description of Duties

The main tasks will consist of, but will not be limited to:

  • providing general support to the SSP17 Logistics Coordinator as needed in planning and executing the Program,
  • planning and coordinating on-site transportation for all participants as needed, including driving
  • supporting the SSP Logistics Coordinator in planning, preparing, and delivering the SSP17 Registration and Deregistration,
  • planning and coordinating the welcome and farewell brunch, and the staff welcome and farewell dinners
  • You will be required from 18th June to 27th August, 2017



As a staff member your accommodation and meals will be provided for the duration of your stay. Your accommodation will be in the same complex as other ISU Staff, Participants and Visiting Lecturers. You will be paid a stipend of €100/week. You will also be provided with round­trip travel to the SSP17 venue.



How to Respond to this Call

In the first instance, please send your CV to the Chair of the Local Organising Committee via email and cc to the Host Site Coordinator 

  • Responses should be sent as soon as possible, but no later than 10th May, 2017. Queries can also be directed to Niall or Elizabeth.






The SSP is formatted in three interrelated phases

  • Phase I (Core): Weeks 1-­4 that include core lectures, workshops, and initial team project work
  • Phase II (Department): Weeks 4-­6 that include core lecture wrap-­up, exam coordination and marking, departmental activities, workshops, and team project work
  • Phase III (Team Project): Weeks 6-­9 focused solely on team projects completion.


Program Element Descriptions


Core Lectures – Series of 65 one-­hour lectures given over the course of the first four weeks of the program covering fundamental concepts across all disciplines.


Workshops (WS) – One and one-­half or three-­hour sessions focused on disciplinary or interdisciplinary topics, which must include hands-­on or participatory interactive experiences for the participants. Workshops take place during Phases I & II (27 June – 28 July 2017).


Departmental Activities (DA) – Three-­hour sessions focused on specific departmental activities to include in-­depth lectures, workshops, professional visits, individual or small team project work, or any other active learning activity deemed appropriate by the department chair. The departmental activities take place during Phase II (17 July – 4 August 2017).


Team Projects (TP) – SSP participants address a relevant space topic as an international, interdisciplinary, and intercultural team to produce a final report and executive summary for broad distribution in the space community. TP work spans all three phases of the program becoming the sole focus in Phase III, which is the last three weeks of the SSP session (7 August – 25 August 2017).


The ISU Academic Council selects two of the TP topics. The host institution provides the third TP topic. The team projects for SSP17 are:


Team Project 1 -­ ISS Conversion into an Earth-­Moon-­Earth Cycler

Team Project 2 – Entrepreneurial and Innovation Ecosystem for Space -­                    

"Handbook for How to Start Your Own Space Company"

Team Project 3 –  A Roadmap for Building a Strong Space Industry