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Exam Prep? Are You Ready?

22 November, 2017

With exam time fast approaching, CIT’s AnSEO, Student Engagement Office, are offering Academic Success Coaching to all its students.

The Exam Prep-Are You Ready? sessions focus on getting organised and prepared for exams. CIT’s Academic Success Coaches will provide pre-exam planning, preparation tips, study techniques, self-care and self-care.

Exam Prep – Are You Ready? sessions will be held on the following dates:

  • Thursday 23/11 – 5pm in IT1
  • Tuesday 28/11 – 5pm in IT2
  • Thursday 30/11 – 5pm in IT1

Sessions are available to all full-time CIT students. Students may book a space at a session through the website exams however just showing up to a session is also encouraged.

With backgrounds in career guidance, counselling, coaching and psychology, the Academic Success Coaches are specially qualified to support students in their study and in their wellbeing.

Mary McCarthy, Academic Success Coach held the first Exam Prep - Are You Ready session on Tuesday last, she says, “We’ve had a great start to our sessions students leave with a toolkit of resources to take on the exam season. Sometimes all it takes is a different way of looking at things to get on the right track for exams. We help our students to reach their full potential; by helping them to understand their study habits and tailoring approaches that work for their individual needs.”

Academic Success Coaching is one of the many programmes run by AnSEO, Student Engagement Office. Other programmes include Good Start, Academic Learning Centre, PALS (Peer Assisted Learning and Support) and sparq at CIT: Student Partnership in Quality.  More information can be found at


Credit: Amy Couch, Susan Deasy and Fiachra O Corragain, MA in PR & New Media 2017/18