MTU Cork Students' Union Election

10 March, 2021

The voting link will be activated below from 12.00am (midnight) to 7.00pm on Thursday 11th March 2021



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Below are the details for voting in this year's MTU Cork SU elections. For any further information on the election process, rules and electorate eligibility, please email  Thank you in advance for exercising your right to vote. 

Who Can Vote?

  • Registered, undergraduate students of the Munster Technological University (Cork) who are obliged to pay the full Student Contribution Charge for the academic year
  • Registered students of the Munster Technological University (Cork) who are obliged to part pay the Student Contribution Charge for the academic year 
  • Full time registered Post Graduate students and full time International students 
  • Current Union Sabbatical Officers 

Voting eligibity is dependent on fees being paid  - Student Contribution Charges covered by SUSI or any other grant or scholarship are deemed to have been paid.




In order to find out more information, and to help you to decide which way you wish to vote, refer to the candidates' electioneering material (see our 'Election Candidates' page here). Also, check individual candidate's social media platforms and watch the hustings which will take place online at 1pm on Wednesday 10th March (further details will be published shortly.)



when  do I cast my vote?

Voting for this year’s Students’ Union Elections will take place online.  

The polling will open on Thursday 11th March 2021 at 12am and close on Thursday 11th March at 7pm.




1. Click on the voting link (to be published the day before voting)

2. Use your ID number and requested identifier to access the voting screen

Cast your vote for each SU Executive Officer position by entering numbers in order of preference – 1 being the highest preference and so on. There will be six ballots in line with the six available officer positions.

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