Part-time courses

Part-time  evening and weekend courses

Whatever your plans and talents CIT has a course to study for you.

We offer the full range of Higher Education qualifications, including Bachelor Degrees and Honours Bachelor Degrees, as well as Masters and PhD degrees. There is a flexible “ladder” system in place which in many cases allows you to progress from one award to the next. For those returning to education from employment or for those with other commitments, CIT has a varied part-time and evening programme, one of the largest at third level in the country.

Most part time evening and weekend courses should be applied for online through our MTU website instead of via the CAO. 

For further information on part time evening and weekend courses please log ont 

A prospectus for part time evening and weekend coursescan be found here-


Enquiries for  should be addressed to the individual departments or via T: 021 432 6100 E: 

Please note that a telephone line is available for queries after normal business hours