Career Development Programme for Mature students "Building Forward" 2022-2023


This CAREER DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME, specifically designed for MATURE STUDENTS,  is now open for Applications

(Full-time undergraduate MATURE students from all degree programmes and across all Cork campuses are eligible to participate) .  





Applications are now open and will close on Friday 23rd September 2022 at 4pm.



Summary Information:


  • The programme will be delivered in 4 evening online sessions in Semester 1 and will also include the opportunity to gain a personalised MBTI profile in Semester 2.
  • Making connections to other mature students and MTU supports, student services and opportunities.
  • It is FREE of charge. 
  • For students planning their workload it is useful to note that the majority of activities are completed within the sessions, with no more than 1 hour required between sessions for associated tasks. 


Content will include:


Semester 1:

  • Steps to effective Career Planning
  • Storytelling for Careers,  making sense of your career journey and developing your career identity
  • Presentation skills and insights into valuable skills employers seek
  • Design thinking approach for Career Development

Semester 2:

  • Your MBTI Profile: Identify your personal strengths and blind spots, gain insights into how you like to communicate, collaborate, lead and work to get the best fit for your career.