Mentorship Programme

take part in the MTU Joint Mentorship Programme!


What is the MTU Joint Mentorship Programme?

  • It is a voluntary activity open to all full-time MTU students and facilitated by the MTU Alumni Office and MTU Careers Service. ALL full-time courses & ALL year groups (from 1st to PHD!). You must be a registered student for the year ahead, whilst taking part in the programme.
  • The programme matches Mentees (MTU Students) with Mentors in relevant roles and organisations, and they connect at least six times during the academic year.
  • Please contact with any queries or for further information.

  • The Joint Mentorship Programme will assist you with your personal and career development, build your career readiness, confidence and so much more!
  • Application form below. Opens early May and closes the end of September.

What is Mentoring? Mentoring focusses on enhancing an individual’s personal and professional skills and potential, while also developing industry awareness and knowledge.



The Mentoring Partnership

  • Each mentoring relationship involves two people to facilitate an exchange of business experience, knowledge, expertise and career advice.
  • A mentorship pair consists of a Mentor (MTU Alumni or other professional) and Mentee (MTU Student).
  • Mentor – Acts as a role model for the student and is willing to enhance the student’s development through guidance, support and the sharing of professional knowledge and insight.
  • Mentee – The student is the recipient of the shared knowledge and expertise from the Mentor.  The Mentee actively engages with the Mentor in order to learn new skills and develop their own professional potential.



How long does the programme last? The MTU Joint Mentorship Programme will run for six months from November to April.

What’s involved & what are the benefits?

  • Meet your Mentor at a launch event (Vitually for now!) in MTU in October/November.
  • Meet or have contact with your Mentor once a month from November to April.
  • Have the opportunity to attend additional training sessions specifically for mentees. 
  • Attend a closing event and receive a certificate of completion.
  • Fit the programme around your schedule – it’s not time consuming.
  • Get to know some employers and make professional contacts.
  • Find out what it’s like to work in a particular area.
  • Build self-confidence and understand your skills and abilities.
  • Opportunity to gain the Joint Mentorship Badge and complete an MTU EDGE award activity!


Examples of companies involved in the programme: Dell, Boston Scientific, Pepsico, PM Group, EY, Depuy Synthes, The Fota Collection, Janssen, Johnson Controls, Irish Distillers Pernod Ricard, ESB and more!


The closing ceremony of this year’s Joint Mentorship Programme was held on Thursday 29th April where those who completed the programme received a certificate of participation and shared stories. 

During the ceremony, a student and mentor (MTU alum) provided us with an overview of their experience of participating in the programme through a video they developed. 

The student recorded a video diary after sessions with her mentor which you can view here (go to 1 min 38 secs in to view the diary video snippets).   


Application Form

 Applications are now open for the 2022 -2023 programme.