Activating Your Account


To use student IT services, you will first need to activate your PIN as follows:


Type the address in your internet browser, and press Enter on your keyboard. The Web for Student login screen is displayed:

Enter your Student User ID (e.g. R00012345) and initial Password as displayed on the letter which was posted to you (case sensitive), and click Login.

Your initial Password will now automatically expire, and you will be asked to enter a new PIN of your choice.



A personal welcome message will now be displayed. You have now successfully updated your Password details. Click Return to Homepage to logout.

Your new Password will be automatically applied to all other IT services within 15 minutes, and you can then use the same Password to access your myCIT email.


To access your myCIT email / Google Apps student account:


1: Type the address in your browser. The login page is displayed:



2: In the Student Email field, enter your Student number as provided in the letter posted to you or located on your student card.

3: In the Password field, enter your student Password

4: Click Login. The following screen is displayed:


5: Type the characters you see in the picture. For example, in the picture above, the characters are maggicat

6: Click on I accept. Continue to my account.

7: Your Inbox will open and your myCIT account is now ready to use.