H-Drive Backup

Please remove ALL documentation from your H Drive before the summer holidays




Any files on your personal H-Drive/P-Drive will need to be stored onto a USB, myCIT google drive or Office 365 One drive during the summer months.

To check if you have saved information or to move your files from your centralised H-Drive/P-Drive  to another device, please follow the steps outlined below.


Storing files onto a USB

1. Log into a student computer within the college network.

2. Select Start > Computer.

3. Click on your personal H-Drive/P-Drive (see details below).

4. To select all documents, click on the topmost folder and press Shift + Down. Once all files are selected, as below, right click on the selection, go to Send to and click on Removable Disk.


Storing files using your myCIT google drive

Storing files using your myCIT google drive.

Alternatively, students can use their myCIT google drive account as a place to which they can upload documents.

Once signed into your email account, on the right hand side of the screen select the apps menu. From the drop down menu below select Drive.

This will direct you to your personal Google Drive, My Drive.

From the My drive drop down menu on the top bar, select upload files, search for your personal H-drive/P-drive.

Select the documents you wish to upload from there.


Storing files using your One Drive

Once you are signed into Office 365 you can access your one drive by going to the red apps menu tab on the left hand side of the screen.

This will open the apps menu below, you can then select one drive.

This will direct you to your one drive.

From here you can upload files to your one drive by selecting upload from the bar. From here you can select your personal  H-Drive/P-Drive and select the files you want to upload to your one drive.