Student Single Sign On (SSO)

What does SSO stand for?

SSO stands for Single Sign-On.

What is Single Sign-On?

Single Sign-On is a service which allows MTU users to provide their student number and password once to a trusted service and to then have their identity securely, consistently and seamlessly provided to a number of MTU web applications. (This service is still in development stage and will be expanded in the coming months to more web applications.)


Who can log in to the CIT SSO service?

All students of CIT can use SSO to authenticate. Individual web applications using SSO for authentication may only be accessible to some individuals, depending on the nature of the application and the identity of the individual. (MTU alumni can access their myCIT email using their original full email address and PIN.)


What username/password do I use?

To login to Canvas or your Student Email you must login using your student number and password. Your student number (e.g. R00012345) is also your username for other services such as PC login, Web4 Student and Card Topup.


How do I get set up on SSO?

To enable a single password for all services, please log in to your Web for Student account by clicking here. You will immediately be prompted to change your password. We also strongly suggest that you enter a security question and answer that will allow you to reset your password in the future.

Within 15 minutes, your new password will be enabled across all other MTU web applications and you will have access using your SSO PIN.