Not too late to sign up to Clubs & Societies

25 September, 2022

Becoming a member of an MTU Club or Society is super easy, free and you can do it online


Register an account on the MTU Activity Portal and the full list of Clubs & Societies is free for you to join.

Being a member, there is no obligation to attend activities and events.

You will receive driect communicaiton by email or text when the next activity, training or meeting is happening.  Then you can decide if you would like to attend or not.

You can also manage your memberships through the Activity Portal. You can unsubscribe your membership or opt out of communicaiton.


Joining Clubs & Societies is a great way to experience University life, make new friends or challenge yourself.  Many activites are completely free or subsidised.

If you have any queries, call to the Sports & Societies Office 1st floor student centre, Bishopstown campus or email for clubs related queries or for societies queries.