Health & Safety


Your Safety and the Safety of your fellow students and staff here at MTU is of the utmost importance to us.

We are all, however, responsible for our own safety, health and well being. We must not put ourselves or others in any situation where we might be harmed or cause harm to others.

College will be the best and fondest memories that you will have as you progress through your years and eventually leave with your different skills and achievements. Unfortunately in most cases this will not become apparent until you leave. Please help us keep you safe. Your co-operation in all matters associated with Health & Safety is very much appreciated while you are here. The areas where your co-operation and assistance are needed are as follows:

Evacuation Procedures


Students are requested to familiarise themselves with fire exits and the emergency evacuation procedures for the Institute. Evacuation routes and assembly areas are posted in each classroom. Fire drills may occur from time to time throughout the year.There will be planned and unplanned Evacuations of all Campus areas. These will test us to see how long it takes to leave and assemble at designated points adjacent to the buildings in an emergency situation.

For details of assembly point locations, emergency numbers and location of A.E.D. defibulators - refer to the emergency procedures card which is available in various locations in the Institute.

Driving on Campus


The speed limit here at Munster Technological University is set at 15km/Hour. This speed limit was introduced to ensure safe access and egress of students and staff to the various parts of the Campus.
Your co-operation is vital.

Campus Parking


Parking on all campus roads is forbidden. parking is only permitted in marked parking bays within designated car parks. Vehicles parked outside designated parking areas may be clamped in situ, or removed to a pound on-campus where they may be clamped or otherwise rendered immobile, until the appropriate fee is paid for their release.

Vehicles remaining within any campus after gate-closing time will be detained within the campus at the owners risk until the campus reopens and the vehicle owner/driver makes arrangements for release. Vehicles are parked at the sole risk of the driver/owner. The Institute accepts no liability for loss or damage to vehicles or their contents while parked or detained within any CIT campus.

Accident Reporting and Investigation


Part of the Safety Management System is the reporting of all accidents or incidents. If you are involved in an accident, even if you consider it a minor one, please report it to your Lecturer, Medical Centre, Buildings & Estates Office or Students’ Union. If an accident/ incident is not reported the incident could repeat itself with maybe worse consequences for the next person. By reporting we can remove the cause and prevent re-occurrences.

Smoking Areas


If you are a smoker you must use the designated smoking shelters. The legislation is that 10 metres outside every building is to be a non smoking area. This is for the protection of people working in the building. Again your co-operation is greatly appreciated.

Safe Conduct & Behaviour


Please THINK what might go wrong and how it will affect you and others in all your actions while on Campus/ Car parks etc.

Emergency Response Team Call Out


In case of emergency, call Emergency Response Team and tell them:

  • Phone number you are calling from
  • Location of incident
  • Chief complaint
  • Number of Patients
  • Age (approximate)
  • Gender
  • Conscious?                                 Yes/ No
  • Breathing Normally?                Yes/ No
  • If over 35 years - Chest Pain    Yes/ No
  • If trauma - Severe Bleeding     Yes/ No


Dial 6112

When using a mobile phone dial (021) 4326112