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The Students’ Union (SU) represents and defends its members on matters affecting their rights and interests as students of the Institute and as citizens and acts as a channel of communication between its members and the Institute and other bodies. The SU is one of the principal platforms for expression of students’ opinions, and is recognised as such by the management of the Institute. 

There are three full-time elected officers and three part-time elected officers of the SU, all of whom are available to assist students in any way they can. 

The SU is located on the 1st floor of the Student Centre. Office hours are 8.30 am to 5.30pm.


Class Reps

Each class elects a Class Rep who acts as a liaison between the SU and the students of MTU. Class Reps form a pivotal role in the two-way communication process between students and the Union through word of mouth, texting or availing of social media.  They act as ambassadors for their class and may actively engage in organising class based activities such as social events, academic field trips and training events. Class Reps operate on a voluntary basis, freely giving of their time to enhance their fellow students’ college experience and campus life.  Becoming a Class Rep gives a student the opportunity to differentiate themselves and their curriculum vitae.  Employers are very interested in both academic achievements and work/life experience.


Welfare Programme

The Vice President Welfare delivers an educational and awareness programme throughout the year to help students to manage personal issues including sexual health, mental health, accommodation, finance, safety, bullying and addictions. The programme features campaigns such as S.H.A.G. (Sexual Health Awareness & Guidance) Week, Positive Mind & Body Week and Safety Week. These campaigns address different issues which may affect students in an attention-grabbing, fun and effective way.


Academic Matters

The Vice President Education, along with the other SU officers, is here to help students manage problems which may arise relating to their educational needs such as course issues, timetabling, lecture problems, exam issues and grants.  The SU also manages a grinds list to assist those who may need some extra tuition in a particular area.


College Supplies (Non-Profit Services)

College supplies are provided at the lowest prices possible. The ethos of the SU is to provide quality services on a non-profit basis to support students throughout their college life. The Office/Shop is open daily from 8.30am to 5.30pm. The range of goods and services available include: • Stationery (refill pads, science books, hard cover copies, pens, project books, pens etc) • Computer storage (USBs, DVDs, CDs) • Printing paper • Lab coats & safety goggles (limited stock) • Scale rulers • Calculators • Photocopying/printing


Bus Tickets 

  • Student monthly return and single provincial bus tickets are on sale from the SU (these must be purchased on the day of outward travel, with the return journey being valid for one month). 

Student Leap Cards

  • Student Leap Cards are processed in the SU Office. Your photograph will be taken in the office and your card will be processed immediately. The Student Leap Card is the only means by which you can avail of student fares on commuter/city bus services.The card also offers a number of additional student discounts. For more information visit
  • The Students’ Union has a Leap Card Collection Device which allows the user to: activate products which have been purchased online (it may take up to 36 hours to load the product after it has been purchased) and check balance and products currently available on a leap card.



The SU organise a wide range of entertainment events including class parties, regular student club nights, Graduation Balls, Student Race Day, Freshers’ Week and RAG Week. RAG (raise and give) Week is a week dedicated to collecting as much money as possible for charity through the medium of entertainment events both on and off campus.  For further details contact Mick O’Mahony at


Common Room - Student Centre

Pool cues and an XBOX 360 including various games are available from the SU Office for use in the common room. You can also watch your favourite TV programmes on the HD Screens.


Soccer Tournaments

Regular soccer tournaments are organised in conjunction with the Soccer Facilitator throughout the year.



MTU SU Freshers Handbook & Diary

The MTU SU Freshers Handbook and Diary contains lots of helpful and vital information to aid students. It doubles as a personal and academic diary, so you can store all your own reminders, notes and all important college dates in the same place. Every first year receives a free during induction week.  First years also receive a free ‘Freshers Pack’ at registration with lots of ‘freebies’.



EXPLICIT is MTU's digital student mag which comes out every month during term time. It covers all facets of student life at MTU; college news, special features, entertainments, sports, Clubs & Societies, photos of MTU events, competitions and much more. If you would like to submit your articles or photos or have any queries, please drop into Keith Brown at the SU office, or email:


MTU SU Online hosts the latest MTU Students’ Union news and all the contacts you need. also provides services such as a grinds list and Class Rep registrations.

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