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In 2019, the Programme for Access to Higher Education (PATH) funding allowed CIT to appoint Leanne McDonagh as the Traveller Education Coordinator to work on target led initiatives.

PATH was announced by the Department of Education and Skills as a targeted funding scheme established to support the implementation of the National Plan for Equity of Access to Higher Education 2015-2019.  The National Access Plan contains a number of targets to increase participation by specific categories of students. Target groups include entrants from under-represented socio-economic groups and communities; entrants with disabilities; mature entrants; members of the Irish Traveller community; students entering on the basis of a further education award; and part-time flexible learners. 

The SOAR project (PATH 3) has three key strands; Travellers in Education; Enabling Transitions and Connecting Communities Connecting Curriculum. It commenced in September 2018 and aims to develop community-embedded and culturally sensitive models for increasing educational aspiration and achievement. 


The Traveller Education Coordinator provides one to one support to post primary and third level Traveller students while helping to explore various educational options available to them.

The Traveller Education Coordinator also provides the following supports;

Work Experience Programme

Many work experience opportunities and placements are put in place by having connections within private industry.  With 84% unemployment amongst the Travelling community, Travellers simply do not have the connections within companies. 

The Traveller Education Coordinator is currently creating a database of businesses who are willing to work with 2nd level and 3rd level Traveller students offering them workplace experiences as well as internship opportunities. 

If you or your business are in a position to offer work placement/shadowing, please contact Leanne on the details below or fill in the online form- 


The Traveller Graduate Network

The Traveller Graduate Network provides networking, career advancement and progression opportunities through mentoring programmes, workshops and job fairs.  It also aims to support and encourage current and prospective students form the community by making role models of its members. 

For queries in relation to Traveller Education, please contact: 

Leanne McDonagh

Traveller Eduacation Coordinator

CIT Access Service


Co Cork