What we can do for you

  • Advertise job vacancies for free - Please register or login into CAREERSconnect to post a vacancy. The vacancy will then be reviewed and approved by the Careers Service before going live.
  • Organise FREE on-campus information stands (Tues & Thurs lunchtimes) on the Main Corridor, Bishopstown (Block - D). All registered employers on CAREERSconnect will receive an email prior to each semseter outlining the options and booking details for the semster ahead.
  • Promote your self organised virtual webinars/presentations/external events to relevant courses/departments.
  • Establish contact with academic departments.
  • Facilitate on-campus interviews with students (where resources allow).
  • Annual Autumn Careers Fair & SME Events
  • Find out other ways to get involved!


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University Course List



Work Placement Information


  • Talk to the Careers Service on CareersCork@mtu.ie about which courses include work placement. We will put you in contact with the Department Placement Corodinators for specific courses.


MTU Cork Joint Mentorship Programme

The MTU Cork Careers Service and Alumni Office have developed a Joint Mentorship Programme open to ALL full-time MTU students and facilitated by the MTU Alumni Office.  The programme is a voluntary, extra-curricular activity and will aim to match students with professionals from a wide range of sectors to exchange business experience, knowledge, expertise and career advice.

Mentoring is an excellent way to share your wisdom and experience with MTU Cork students and also to help develop your own skills (coaching, training, communication, etc...).  MTU Cork would welcome Alumni with all levels of experience and from all sectors to join the Joint Mentorship Programme!

If you wish to support MTU Cork through the Joint Mentorship Programme please complete an expression of interest form or email Barbara Hempel, Joint Mentorship Coordinator at barbara.hempel@cit.ie