Awards & Transcripts Office

Award Parchments

An original award parchment is a valuable document that cannot be re-issued if misplaced or destroyed.  It should remain in the safe possession of the graduate at all times.  Please note we are not permitted to hold soft copies of parchments on file.  If you require a copy of your parchment, this will be a hard copy ONLY and you will need to request a duplicate parchment.

Parchments not collected on the day of graduation can be collected from the Examinations Office on presentation of your student ID. Parchments not collected have been posted to graduates.  Parchments are sent by registered post to the address on your student record. It is the student's responsibility to ensure this address is up to date. This can be done by emailing  Returned parchments will kept by the Examinations Office for collection.

For any queries regarding your parchment and Major Awards please email  For information on Special Purpose/Single Subject Certification please contact your department directly.

Duplicate Parchments

A duplicate parchment may be issued provided applicants declare in writing that to the best of their knowledge their original parchment has been irretrievably lost or damaged. There is a fee for each duplicate parchment requested.

For further information, and to request a duplicate parchment please click here.

Please note that parchments are produced on a monthly basis and requests for parchments will be accommodated within this timeframe only  Duplicate parchments are available for Major awards only (Level 6 - Level 10).  For Minor Awards please email to request a transcript of your academic results.

Transcript of Results

For more information on how to obtain a transcripts of results please see

Verification of Results for Employers

For employers or Employer Verification Companies please note that requests are processed through ONLY.  Please include written consent from the graduate as well as D.O.B and full name.