Parking on all campus roads is forbidden. Parking is only permitted in marked parking bays within designated car parks. Vehicles parked outside designated parking areas may be clamped in situ, or removed to a pound on-campus where they may be clamped or otherwise rendered immobile, until the appropriate fee is paid for their release.
Vehicles remaining within any campus after gate-closing time will be detained within the campus at the owners risk until the campus reopens and the vehicle owner/driver makes arrangements for release. Vehicles are parked at the sole risk of the driver/owner. The Institute accepts no liability for loss or damage to vehicles or their contents while parked or detained within any CIT campus.


Cars parked illegally will be clamped!  Irresponsible parking has left cars unable to exit legitimate parking spaces. To avoid clamping only park in DESIGNATED CAR SPACES. A €80 fee exists to remove the clamps

Pay Parking

Pay-parking is in operation adjacent to A-Block and at the Melbourn Building. This is a cashless system. You must have credit on your card to gain entry to these car parks. The fee is deducted on exit. The fee is currently 1 euro per visit up to a maximum stay of 24hrs. For more than 24hrs, the fee is 1 euro per day. This fee is subject to change. 

To use, drive up to the barrier terminal, hold your card up to the proximity reader to scan it. The system will check your account for credit and allow or refuse entry on that basis. More than one scan may be necessary.


Note: A single card cannot be used to enter two vehicles in succession. A single card cannot be used to exit two vehicles in succession. Ensure you use your own card to leave after earlier entry. This will ensure that you are not charged for longer than your stay.


The barrier software system detects misuse and will automatically ‘Blacklist’ cards, refusing further entry. If you have problems exiting, an intercom installed at each barrier connects you with the caretakers. For any issues with your card or pay-parking , contact the Card Office located in the Student Centre building or email
Please quote your ID number, credit balance, date and time of the issue and any message displayed on the barrier terminal.