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9.30am – 4.00pm (open Mon - Thurs at lunch-time during the academic semester)
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New students

All new students must ensure they are registered before going to class.


Continuing students

All eligible Full-time Continuing students (i.e. progressing from year 1 to year 2, etc.) are entered automatically for the new academic year.

Students choosing a new Programme Option, or Progressing from one award level to another (eg Level 7 to Level 8) must register by completing a Registration Form which is posted to eligible students by the Admissions Office at the end of July.


Full-time students completing Work Placement or taking Autumn Repeats

After the Exam Board Meetings in September, eligible continuing students are automatically rolled to the new academic year on 13th September. Students on courses with Programme Options, or Progressing from one Level course to another, must come to Admissions to collect your Registration Form on 15th September which should be signed and returned to Admissions immediately.


Postgraduate students

Postgraduate students must submit a Registration Form every year to the Admissions Office.


Repeating students

Students doing Exams Only, Repeating a module(s) or Programme, or doing Project Only must submit a Registration Form, signed by the Head of Department.


Part time students

New Part time students apply and enrol online through .

Returning Part time students can enrol online for their modules before the deadline each semester.


RPL applications

Students applying for RPL must also ensure that they are enrolled on time for that module. Click here for more information.


Students are not completely registered until all fees are paid in full.

Queries can be sent to the Admissions Office, (on the ground floor of the Administration Building) or email

For fees queries please email