Checking, adding, or deleting Modules

Your Modules

Check your email account for instructions on how to enrol online for Electives (if you have them in Semester 1). Students must check on Web4student that they are enrolled for ALL MODULES in Semester 1 by Friday 8th October 2021, and for ALL Semester 2 modules by 4th February 2022. Add any missing modules (get the CRN from your lecturer). 


All students doing Exams Only or Repeating a module(s) in 2021/22, RPL applications, Project Only, and all Postgraduates, must ensure they are enrolled by the deadline.

Please check your enrolment on web4student after 17th September 2021.



Module registration



Checking, adding or deleting modules

All students must ensure that they are officially enrolled for all modules, including electives. Instructions will be sent to your MTU email account regarding registering online for your electives. If you are not on the system for a module, you will not have access to lecturer notes on Blackboard, your lecturer will not be able to enter a grade, and you will not have the module on your exam timetable.


NB: Late registration for any module will incur a fine.


Go to web4 to check the modules for which you are enrolled. Add any missing modules (get the CRN from your lecturer). 


If you change your mind about an elective, you can also delete a module for the first few weeks of semester - again go to web4. After week 3, you will have to email to delete the module.  Ensure that you make your enrolments before the deadline each semeseter.