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Individual Extenuating Circumstances

Individual Extenuating Circumstances Relating to Examinations and Assessment


If you have missed an exam due to illness, bereavement or other extenuating circumstances please complete the Extenuating Circumstances Form - see link below -   and return the form to your Head of Department, together with suitable evidence.

Individual Extenuating Circumstances (IECs) describes conditions which temporarily prevent a student from taking an assessment(s) or significantly impair a student’s performance in an assessment(s). The CIT policy dealing with Individual Extenuating Circumstances Relating to Examinations and Assessment can be found here. A guide has been produced for students to help explain the processes and procedures for dealing with IECs. This guide is intended to detail the Institute’s provision and support for students who experience IECs.


IEC Form


It is important to outline the principles that govern the Institute’s approach to IECs:

  • CIT is at its core a student centred institution and for this reason it seeks to provide every support possible to allow its students to achieve their true potential. This policy is intended to address circumstances which impact directly and negatively on a student’s assessment performance. This policy is not intended to provide compensation for all challenging and difficult circumstances a student may experience.
  • Any provision or action in relation to IECs should have due regard for the Institute’s obligation to ensure fair and consistent treatment for all its students.
  • It is essential that the integrity of the Institute’s academic standards is not undermined by any action or provision in relation to IECs.

What are Individual Extenuating Circumstances?

The document, What are Individual Extenuating Circumstances, gives detailed guidelines to allow students to understand what are considered to be valid IECs. In general IECs are judged by their impact on the student’s performance in specific assessment(s) and not the impact on the individual.


Getting Help with Individual Extenuating Circumstances

As a general principle all claims in relation to IECs should be initiated by the student. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that she/he understands and engages with the Institute’s IECs procedures.

In seeking help in relation to IECs students should familiarise themselves with the CIT students guide to IECs and the document titled What are Individual Extenuating Circumstances.


If a student needs to make a formal IEC claim she/he should use this form.