Food Charter


The company is committed to providing fresh, quality food to all its customers. This food should be safe, healthy, nutritious and affordable to all customers.


See the following listing of our practices which govern how we prepare our food offerings:


  • All our kitchens are fully HACCP compliant and operate a regularly audited Food Program. We operate a comprehensive Food Safety and Quality Policy ensuring that all food is safely produced and of the highest quality.


  • The Food Safety and Quality Policy also ensures:
    • All Irish and EU guidelines are adhered to.
    • That food is purchased, processed, stored and displayed properly.
    • That all staff are trained and supervised properly.
    • That all catering premises are reviewed and improved constantly and that.
    • We seek co-operation with all customers and suppliers to highlight Food Safety and Hygiene issues.
  • All scones are prepared and baked freshly each day in our kitchens.


  • All salads (including coleslaws, potato and egg salads) are prepared freshly every day in our main kitchen.


  • All breaded products sold are breaded/prepared on the premises.


  • The company uses mainly local, Cork based suppliers for most products.


  • All meats are 100% Irish and fully traceable.


  • Halal meats are sourced from fully credited meat suppliers.


  • We endeavour to put indicative calorie counts/nutritional information on all of our main course dishes.


  • Our menu includes at least one fish dish and at least one specifically prepared vegetarian meal.


  • All hot food is prepared in as healthy manner possible. Very little foods are deep fried.


  • We use rice/pasta/vegetables and potatoes as the accompaniment in most menu meals or meal deals as an alternative to chips. We are constantly reducing the percentage of chips served at each meal time.


  • We try to provide a variety of gluten free products and each are indicated as such on our menus.


  • All allergen information is properly displayed.