Service Charter




The company will provide customers with an efficient and courteous service that meets the needs of our customers.
All customer interaction should be friendly, courteous, timely and efficient. Each interaction should be marked by professionalism, approachability and mutual respect.


Staff Development

We recognise our own staff as internal customers and try to ensure they are fully supported and consulted in all service related issues. We endeavour to conduct annual customer service training with all staff members.



We strive to promote a culture of respect for diversity among all customers.


Physical Environment

We aim to provide clean, comfortable and hospitable dining and retail areas for all customers. We strive to constantly improve these facilities where practical.



We aim to provide as much information to the customer to give them a better insight into the range of products available and the applicable prices for these.


MTU CORK Students Union

We aim to work collaboratively with the Students Union to facilitate open communication and constructive feedback between the company and its customers.


Customer Complaints

We aim to provide a high quality service. Should customers feel they did not receive this service level we ask that they express this to the person that they are dealing with. Should they either not wish to do this or prefer to talk to a senior staff member they can contact:


Ms. Geraldine O’Sullivan

Operations Manager,
MTU Events and Hospitality,
Munster Technological University,
Rossa Avenue,



Phone: 021 4335499




Please detail:

1 - Your name, address and contact details.

2 - Nature/detail of complaint.

3 - Name of staff member the customer dealt with if applicable.


In turn we will deal with the customers complaint confidentially and with impartiality, will review and reply within one week and keep a customer updated until the matter is dealt with fully.