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DSS Examination Supports & Use of Bilingual Dictionary for Intl Students

Exam Supports for Students REGISTERED WITH THe Disability Support Service (DSS)


CIT Bishopstown Campus


Registering for Exam Supports

If you have a disability or medical condition which means you need exams supports such as use of a computer, reading software, scribe, sign language interpreter, separate room or extra time you must register first with the Disability Support Service (DSS). For more information please click HERE.

The Disability Support Officer will confirm with the Exams Office which supports you are entitled to in your exams. The Disability Administrator will then contact you outlining the procedure to register with the Exams Office. You can contact Exams Office by e-mail: or telephone 021 433 5090.


In class assessment supports

Assessments during semester are the responsibility of the Departments and lecturers. The Exams Office does assist where possible but has limited time and resources to do so.

Many students do not request supports for their in class assessments as these can be quite short tests with only a small amount of reading or writing required. In most cases, the student lets their lecturer know they are entitled to extra time via their extra time letter or their needs assessment. Once the lecturer has advance warning, they will organise the exam to allow for extra time. 

If you feel you need the support of your reader or scribe for your assessment, then you must contact the Exams Office at least 6 working days before your assessment date. Where possible arrangements will be made for you, but at certain very busy times of the year, it may not be possible to accommodate all such requests.

To request supports please complete the following request form:


►  Booking Supports for Continuous Assessment


Exams Office Deadlines for Requesting Exam Supports for End of Semester Exams 2019/20

You need to fully register with the Exams Office by these dates in order to receive exam supports:

Semester 1 Friday 9th November 2019
Semester 2 Friday 27nd March 2020
August 2019 (repeat)  Friday 17th July 2020


  • Requests after these dates may not be able to be accommodated.
  • You can, of course, still use your extra time in the main exam halls.

Extra time letter: Students already registered with the Disability Support Service will receive a copy of their needs assessment. Please keep this as evidence of your extra time to use at all exams in the current academic year.

For students using extra time letters, you will receive an extra time letter (if eligible) during Semester 1. Please keep the letter to use at all exams in the current academic year. If you lose the letter, please e-mail  with your name and student number.


Repeat/Exams-Only Students

If you are a student returning to repeat an exam in Semester 1, please contact the Exams Office at  to confirm what supports you need by the following dates:

Semester 1  Friday 9th November 2019
Semester 2  Friday 27nd March 2020
Autumn 2020 Repeats  Friday 17th July 2020


Temporary Injuries/Illnesses

Students with injuries such as a broken hand or unexpected illness may wish to explore options such as extra time, rest break, use of a computer or a smaller center. Some students may decide to defer their exams until they have recovered fully. For further information on deferring please click HERE.   

If you find yourself in the above situation and you wish to avail of examination supports, you should contact your department immediately and also e-mail the exams office at for guidance. 

You must provide medical evidence of your injury and your medical certificate will also need to state that you are fit to sit the exam. The medical certificate will need to be handed into the Examinations Office, Melbourn Building.

Please note provision of supports is dependent on your needs and the resources available. It may not be possible to provide accommodations at certain peak examination times, when resources are already fully utilised. It is important that you speak to your Department about your situation as your continuous assessments may also be affected.

Solas Apprentices

SOLAS Apprentices looking for exam supports such as a reader, scribe extra time or separate room must register with the DSS Office HERE  

Solas Phase 4/6 blocks Dates for registering for CIT Exam Supports
September - December 2019 block Friday  18th October 2019
January - March 2020 block Friday 31st Janurary 2020
April - June 2020 block Friday 1st May 2020





Please contact Carmel O’Regan in the Exams Office on 021 433 5048 for general apprentice queries or e-mail


Cork School of Music (CSM)

If you need exam supports for your end-of-semester exams that involve taking an exam in a room separate to the main exam venue speak to your lecturer and contact Rocky Falzon (e-mail: Tel: 021 480 7309) with as much notice as possible.


National Maritime College of Ireland (NMCI)

If you are registered with the DSS for exam supports, you should contact Theresa Brien, NMCI Examinations Secretary, (E-mail: Tel: 021 433 5465).


Crawford College of Art and Design (CCAD)

Crawford College of Art and Design students do not usually have official exams but you may have a test in Art History in first year. Please speak to your lecturer well in advance if you think you may need exam supports and see what can be arranged for the test.