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Sexual Health Clinic


As with other aspects of your health your sexual health is very important. Third Level years are often a time of transition and change, and for some this means becoming sexually active with a partner for the first time, or a change in sexual partner(s).

It may also be a time of self-discovery and uncertainty about your sexual orientation. If you are concerned about any aspect of your sexual health the Student Medical Centre can help you.

We have a dedicated team with considerable experience built up over the years of helping people deal with sexual issues. You can see one of our Doctors or our Nurse Joan Brosnan  to discuss your concerns.

You can book in for Sexual Transmitted Infection (STI) screening Monday afternoon or Wednesday afternoon with one of the doctors.

 At all Clinics a full screening will be carried out, screening and results will be in total confidence.

Female: Do not pass urine for 1 hour before test.

Male: Do not pass urine for 4 hours before test.

There is a charge of €10 for Doctor.
Phone 021 4335780

Our STI clinic has been approved by STI/GUM clinic South Infirmary Hospital, Cork.