Vaccination Clinics


Travel Vaccinations

Please make appointment with the Nurse to discuss your Travel Vaccines/Anti Malaria treatment needed.

Vaccinations need to be arranged a number of weeks before travel so contact the nurse at least 6 weeks before travel.

If you are going on a long term trip abroad trekking and going into remote areas where there is more risk of becoming ill, contact the nurse 6 months before travelling.

Check out the website


Travel Vaccine Price List

Please contact the Medical Centre for pricing.


Vaccinations for specific courses

Bio Medical Science and Social Care students will require vaccinations prior to work placement. This will arranged by your course co-ordinator.

For more information please contact CIT Medical Centre.


Flu Vaccine

The flu vaccine will be available initially to those in the high risk category (e.g. asthmatics, diabetics) from September/October.

Thereafter it will be available to any others.