Smoking Cessation Clinic


If you are a smoker, quitting is one of the best things you can do for your health.  If you have decided to quit make an appointment with Nurse Joan Brosnan who will give you some information and advice.


10 Tips to help you quit

  1. Prepare to quit – Weigh up the pros and cons.  Write down your reasons for quitting and keep them close at hand.
  2. Make a date to quit – and stick to it.
  3. Support – Ask your family and friends for support.
  4. Change your routine and plan ahead – Replace or change activities that you usually associate with smoking.
  5. Be active – regular activity is good for your health and helps you to manage stress.
  6. Think positive – You may have withdrawal symptoms once you quit smoking.  These are positive signs that your body is recovering from the harmful effects of smoking.  They will disappear once your body gets used to the change.
  7. Learn to deal with cravings – Check out the tips for dealing with cravings.
  8. Save money – that you would otherwise spend on tobacco.
  9. Watch what you eat – If you are worried about putting on weight, be careful about what you eat.
  10. Take one day at a time – Remember, every day without smoking is good news for your health, your family and your pocket.  If you slip-up, all is not lost.  Set a new date and start again.

(Taken from HSE Quit Campaign Booklet 2013)


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