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Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology (AT) is software or equipment that can help you with your studies/learning. The AT Service is based in the Student Centre and is only available to DSS students through card access. It has 14 computers with a wide range of software:

  • Read Write Gold version 11.5*
  •  Inspiration Mind Mapping*
  • Touch Type Read Spell (TTRS)
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking

*This software is also installed on computers across Bishopstown, Crawford College of Art and Design, Cork School of Music, NMCI, and Clonakilty campuses.


The AT Service also has equipment – a scanner, Live scribe pens, digital recorders, digital magnifier technologies as well as a sound proof room for voice-to-text software use. 

The Assistive Technology officer carries out assessments with the students to determine the best software or equipment that can support their academic studies, once the student has registered with the DSS.

You can also go to the training and workshops provided by the Assistive Technology Officer throughout the year. 

Online guides and supports

The Assistive Technology Officer has developed some resources and guides around some free and paid for AT software and equipment that can support you, as well as using accessibility options on your computer. Make sure to check out our AT Service YouTube channel and Twitter!

AT Service Opening Hours

Students registered with the DSS can use their student card to access the AT Service computer lab for studying as well as access to computers and printing during the hours the Student Centre is open.

The Assistive Technology Officer is usually available

Monday – Friday 9.00am –1.00pm and 2.00- 5.00pm 


Mark Burleigh, Assistive Technology Officer, 
Assistive Technology Service, (ground floor beside the Bank of Ireland), Student Centre, Bishopstown campus.